Free and Paid Traffic: Pro's & Con's

Getting traffic – free or paid – is what we all want.  But knowing which one is the best for our business (and our budget) is not always easy to determine. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. So, let’s look at some of the pro’s and con’s of paid vs. free traffic.

Free Traffic

We all love getting free links.  And, finding that our SEO effort has gotten us one of the top rankings in the organic search results is exciting and rewarding. But sometimes even this is not without cost. Unless you are proficient in SEO work, you’ve probably had to pay someone to optimize your page. Good thing – once this is done and you’re ranking for your search terms and keywords – chances are you’ll continue to get traffic for months to come at no additional cost.

Free Traffic Pro’s
  • Use of keywords potentially gives you a wider market reach
  • Many times organic listings generate more traffic than paid adwords
  • Niches with little competition tend to rank well
  • Find a method that works and repeat it for other niches
Free Traffic Con’s
  • It can months to get into top organic rankings
  • It can sometimes take a year to get into directories
  • Hard to rank for multiple keywords per niche
  • Limited analytics

Paid Traffic | Search

Types of ‘advertising’ that would fall into this category would be paid adwords through the major search engines, i.e, Google AdWords, placing a banner ad for a month or so on a web site with relevant content. Use of this method pretty much lets you get your ads out there instantly with the opportunity of instant results.

Paid Traffic Pro’s
  • Immediate Traffic
  • You’re allowed to decide how much you want to pay
  • You can select demographics, ie., area, audience, etc.
  • Several paid markets to choose from
  • Analytics allow you to track your cost and results
  • Use of split test marketing to ‘tweak’ pages for different campaigns
Paid Traffic Con’s
  • Must pay for every click or impression – even if doesn’t result in monetary return
  • Easy to go over your budget or pay more than you want
  • Some of the networks are difficult to manage and maintain
  • Continuous managing and budgeting is required


After reviewing the pro’s and con’s for both types of traffic, it can be said that while paid traffic is a good way to get quick traffic; free traffic is what we’d all like to have. However, we need to remember that in order to maintain a top organic ranking requires continual work including:

  • Building quality backlinks
  • Submitting original content to article directories
  • Continuing to add quality content to your web sites
  • Monitoring of search engine ranking and making adjustments to SEO
  • Following the changes as to how the Search Engines rank
  • Updating pages to reflect these SEO changes

No matter which route you take, Planet Ocean  can provide current search engine strategies, keep you current with the on-going search engine changes that will help you get, maintain and keep a top ranking . . . which in turn delivers more traffic.

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