6 Links - Flipbook Software

If you like those websites that resemble magazines allowing you to flip through the pages, and if you have been thinking you might like to incorporate this technology into your own website.  . . . then flipbook software might be just what you’ve been looking for.    One  software – Flipb –  will  even convert your PDF files AND work on multiple platforms as well.

With the Flipb software (Free Trail Download) – you can

  • Create unlimited publications,
  • Convert PDF files
  • Have the publication work on any device: smart phone/tablet, iPhone, iPad

plus it is available  for both Windows & Mac.

For more details, to get the Free Download or to Purchase – visit this link: Flipb Website


While there is a free trial download for Flipb you will need to purchase it for extended use.  But not to worry, there are other flip-software programs out there. . . some free.  The top 5 as listed in our search are below:

Flip HTML5

Flip Snack


Cnet: Flipbook Maker 


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