3 Ways to Video Connect on the Internet for FREE

We’ve discussed Google Hangout as a way to connect with family, friends and business associates on the Internet.   Google Hangout is a video conferencing that allows you to invite multiple participants where everyone can interact at the same time. For more information on Google Hangout, visit this link.

However, there are other programs offering video communicating and conferencing on the Internet.   One you’re probably familiar with . . . Skype. But one you may not have heard of is  Vsee. Vsee is a platform targeting the medical field, however, it can be used for personal and other businesses. We’re going to take a quick look at both.


skypeSkype is a program offering both free and paid service. To use Skype you’ll need a webcam – so people can see you, ISP (Internet connection), a computer or mobile device with microphone and speakers. One of the benefits of Skype is that it will work on multiple devices including:

  • Computer
  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Home phones
  • Television
  • Play Station Vita
  • iPad Touch

Free services include:

  • Skype account and download
  • Video and voice calls to anyone else on Skype
  • Instant messaging and file sharing

Paid services include:

  • Calls to landlines and mobiles
  • Text messages
  • Group video calls up to 10 people

For more information and pricing on Skype, visit  this link.


vseeVSee offers both free and paid services. The free service can be used for personal, however, it should be noted that for the free version there are limitations to the number of times it can be used per day. The paid versions target businesses and  the medical field with costs ranging from $9.00 – $299.00 a month.  And like Skype, you’ll need the same basic equipment to connect to the Internet.

Some of the services (free and paid) offered by VSee are:

  • Group video
  • Instant messaging
  • File send
  • HIPPA secure

The paid versions offered vary greatly depending on the amount of support and services required. For more information on VSee and the services offered visit their website at this link.

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