Over 590+ New Domain Extensions


If you haven’t heard, there are over 590 new domain extensions in sixteen (16) categories coming soon. While reviewing, we did notice it appeared that some extensions were in more than one category.

This opportunity to tailor your domain name to your business, hobby or passion is a far cry from the first .com domains issued. When we applied for our first .com ( many years ago- we were limited to the number of characters in the name as well as having to get approval for the website. Today, pretty much anything goes.

To give you an idea of what’s out there, we’ve listed the categories below with a sampling of some of the extensions offered.  The numbers in parentheses are the approximate number of extensions for that category.

Business  (40+)

.ads,     .business,    .company,   .inc,    .marketing

Industry  (30+)

.auto,    .boats,    .car,    .construction,     .hotel,

Money & Finance  (40+)

.accountant,    .bank,    .cash,    .credit,    .gold

Lifestyle & Identity   (80+)

.baby,     .beauty,    .club,    .dog,    .wedding

Real Estate  (25+)

.apartments,    .builders,    .forsale,    .lease,    .realtor

Sport  (25+)

.coach,    .fans,    .fitness,    .golf,    .tickets

Technology  (60+)

.blog.    .cam,    .cloud,    .download,    .media


.art,   .book,    .gallery,    .moviestar,    .sony

Food & Drink  (25+)

.beer,    .food,    .pizza,    .recipes,    .wine

Professional  (30+)

.architect,    .attorney,    .broker,    .doctor,    .legal

Health  (20+)

.dental,    .healthcare,    .medical,    .pharmacy,    .hospital

Commerce  (60+)

.auction,    .capital,    .coupon,    .deal,    .sale

Education   (5+)

.college,    .ged,    .prof,    .science,    .training

Government  (5)

.airforce,    .army,    .democrat,    .navy,    .republican

Generic  (70+)

.blue,    .community,    .horse,    .hot,    .meme

Geographic  (50+)

.Africa,    .Barcelona,    .city,    .global,    .place

These extensions are not available as yet, however, you can go to GoDaddy and follow these two (2) steps to see all the extensions available:

1. On the home page, click on the Domain link.


2. From the Domain page scroll down to see New DomainsLearn More.


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