Hirens Boot

Seems a lot of people I know have been having computer problems lately. Myself included. In spite of having a virus program, my computer was ‘taken down’ last week when I tried to removed a threat. Couldn’t get to anything. Called the ‘Tech’ people associated with my virus program and was told that the only thing they could do would be re-install my operating system – which of course would wipe out all my files. Didn’t think I wanted to do that . . . just yet – so said I’d call back.

My next steps were to

  1. locate my Hiren’s BootCD,
  2. put it into my computer’s CD Drive and
  3. restart the computer.

The Hiren’s BootCd booted up the computer straight away allowing me to see all the drives and folders. I then saved – to an external drive connected to a USB port – all the files I wanted to keep.

Once this was done, I called the ‘Tech’ people back and they were able to get my computer up and running.

So what is Hirens Boot? It is a boot CD that has different programs that allow you to perform various functions on your computer:

  • Diagnostics
  • Partitioning Agents
  • Disk Cloning
  • Imaging Tools
  • Data Recovery
  • BIOS Tools
  • an many others for repairing computer problems

What makes HBCD so fantastic is that it is useful even if your computer’s primary operating system cannot be booted.


Rather than try to include a complete description here, we’re referring you to Hiren’s   site. We hope you find it useful.

Best Translation Site

Second problem encountered last week was a client’s email program was hacked and converted into an un-readable foreign language. Now, while each email program has its own properties and ways of setting those up, in order to convert the program back to English, you need to be able to read those directions, now in foreign text, so you’ll know which links to click and which actions to select.

During the hours we worked on this issue, we found that the Bing Translator was the best and most accurate. It can be used to translate a page by inserting the page URL or by copying/pasting the foreign text into the appropriate box and hitting the translate button.

One thing to remember, as in our case, if you are unsure as to the language, leave the ‘from’ language selection on Auto-Detect.


The link to the Bing translator page is . . .

Hope you won’t need to use any of these, but if you need them, it’s good to know where to find them!

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