10 Steps to Improving your Website (SEO Stuff)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) requires a lot of time to research and implement.  Add to that the making of  your page  iPhone and  iPad friendly, plus maintaining a presence on all the social networks out there, you may not be up to speed with all the nuances of what it takes to maximize your business […]

Top 10 SEO Tools for 2014

Keeping up with search engine changes can be a challenge.  Have to admit this isn’t my favorite part of Internet marketing – but necessary.     However, a recent article by Website magazine has helped make that job a little easier. In it, they covered 30 of the top search engine optimization tools for 2014. Topics covered […]

The Google Menagerie

Google has added to their menagerie again. This time it’s a hummingbird. This algorithm * is intended to make searches performed on Google more ‘people friendly’. This means that searches can be performed in more traditional language rather than depending on specific key words.

* A search algorithm is a step-by-step automated search that […]