3 Ways to Increase Online Sales

Find your online sales slumping due to a sluggish economy?

Converting sales online can be challenging especially since you can’t see the prospective buyer ‘eye-to-eye’ to close the deal nor can you answer any questions or concerns he might have about the product.

And while there are no guarantees, there is one thing you can do that […]


With unique content being an important part of your website and blog, there’s more than one way to present those sometimes boring facts . . . and that would be by way of using infographics. If you’ve not heard of infographics, you can pretty much decipher the meaning by simply looking at the word “info […]

How to ‘Convert’ a Website Domain to a Blog

With Google seeming to favor blogs over websites with the focus being on good, unique content, you may be wishing your websites were blogs.

I had the same wish about some of my websites that were getting  less traffic than I would like, but before making major conversions to multiple websites decided to try ‘converting’ one website […]