How to Limit a Comment Box

In the past, we’ve taken a look at how to set up a basic form that a website visitor might use to

submit information,

request information,

send a comment,

or anything else you might want for that matter.

Having such a form is a good way to communicate with your website’s visitors allowing […]

More Backgrounds

Table Within a Table

Using a table within a table is one way to separate the text and images from the table background making the information you want to target easier to read. Such a table might look like the following sample:

HTML code for this table is:

First Table with […]

Using Animated Backgrounds

There are times when a background color for a table’s row or cell can enhance and call attention to the contents. This is easily accomplished by inserting the code that defines the color – – where xxxxx is the hexadecimal color code. But, what if you want a background other than a solid color? […]