eCommerce for Websites & Blogs

For those thinking they might like to try and earn a little extra income on the Internet, selling something may be the answer. This something might be a real ‘hands on product’ that is shipped to the buyer or it might be a digital product to be downloaded. Either way, an online presence will be […]

Protecting Your Content

Did you know that Google has an Authorship form that allows you to register yourself as the author of your website and blog content? This registration is done through your Google + account. If you don’t have a Google + account, it’s easy enough to get – and it’s free. (Get account here.)

Once you’ve created […]

5 Questions a ‘Website’ Should Answer

Whether you’re trying to sell your own or a client’s service or product, we’ve always felt that the five (5) questions below should be answered when a visitor comes to your website. However, if you think about it, one might do well to address these five question not only on a website but also on the […]