More than Hosting – Host Gator

It’s encouraging to see companies moving forward, improving services, etc. and Host Gator – the hosting service we use and recommend – is no exception. For the non-Host Gator (HG) clients out there, thought you might find it interesting to read about some of the enhanced HG features and services we were notified of in […]

How to Use the cPanel

A big part of managing your Internet business will be knowing how to use the cPanel. For purposes of this post I will be addressing some of the more basic applications available through the Host Gator (HG) cPanel. These functions can all be performed without assistance – but if you need help the HG reps […]

Domain Hosting and What You Need to Know

As previously discussed regarding having all the information associated with the registration of your  domain name, you also want to have all the information associated with your hosting provider and setting up the account as well. 

But before we cover that information you should know why you always want to have your domain hosted with a stand-alone company.  NEVER let anyone […]