Images: How to Get White or Image Backgrounds

In the past we’ve talked about one method to get catalog-like pictures with white backgrounds. However, if you want to put a different background or wallpaper behind the image – maybe your company logo – you can easily do this as well. Or use the same steps below as another way to get snow-white background […]

Save Your Money + Image Tip

There are products and services out there that are a good value for your money, and then there are those that seem to be a good value but aren’t. In my opinion, if you’re looking for software assistance after a virus problem – don’t purchase the AVG tech support.   While they do have a good virus program, […]

2 Time Savers When Working with Images

We’ve been putting a lot of time into building a cart on line and during the process have been using a couple of short-cuts that have really sped the process along – in addition to using the new LED Fancier 500 light  and the ‘curves’ function to get those white backgrounds. Even if you’re not […]