HTTPS & Other Acronyms

Acronyms have always been around, however, it seems they have become a way of life with texting and such. LOL. Some of the more common acronyms you see when using the Internet are www, http, https, html, jpg, etc. to name a few. The first three represent protocols on the Internet, while the last two, […]

Email Filters: Sending CGI Forms to the Inbox

Things have been pretty busy around here with various projects for clients. Came across a minor road-block while setting up a couple of new email CGI forms. Seems that the Google email program considered the email with the form information to be Spam. So how to get around this? Using the two methods below, you […]


With unique content being an important part of your website and blog, there’s more than one way to present those sometimes boring facts . . . and that would be by way of using infographics. If you’ve not heard of infographics, you can pretty much decipher the meaning by simply looking at the word “info […]