Using Wireframes + 7 Wireframe Links

Heard the term ‘wireframe’?  Not to worry – new word, old function.  It’s simply a sketched framework of a website used to best arrange the elements to accomplish a particular purpose.  It’s now gone ‘hi-tech’.  A wireframe is defined as a layout that should include the interface elements and the navigational system, i.e.,  links.

Wireframes can be produced as simply as […]

6 Ways to Speed Up Your Website + Free HTML Editor

Couple of quick topics this post – another Free HTML editor (for those who haven’t found one they like yet – this might be it) and some quick tips for boosting your websites speed. If you haven’t heard – speed is now one of the indicators for ranking your website. And while speed is not […]

What Does Your Website Look Like on an iPhone?

You’ve put a lot of work into your website and it looks really good on your computer at the office. But how does it look on other devices? What are visitors seeing when they visit your site?

There is an easy way to find out by visiting the following link:

Once there type in your […]