Alley Code HTML Editor

Looking for a good FREE HTML Editor you can use to write . . .

Text (Use to write CGI and JAVA scripts)

Look no further than Alley Code.¬†¬† You’ll note in the image above that the tabs allow you to select the desired¬†application.¬†¬†Once selected,¬† the program will display the¬†appropriate features.

While this free program has some minor […]

Scalable Vector Graphic Program (FREE)


Working with raster images in a¬†regular graphics program ¬†is easy and most of the time it ¬†‘fits the bill’ as long as you don’t need to scale an image. However, if you find yourself needing a vector image or maybe needing to convert a raster image to a vector – so you can scale it […]

Streaming Video, Social Management, & PLRs

Watching the budget has become top priority – so when I find what appears to be good free programs I like to pass them along. Found two such programs over the last couple of weeks and want to share them with you. ¬†is an open-source, free ‘RealTime-Social Management’ system.

While it¬†would appear¬†to target brick-and-mortar businesses primarily, […]