Using Wireframes + 7 Wireframe Links

Heard the term ‘wireframe’?  Not to worry – new word, old function.  It’s simply a sketched framework of a website used to best arrange the elements to accomplish a particular purpose.  It’s now gone ‘hi-tech’.  A wireframe is defined as a layout that should include the interface elements and the navigational system, i.e.,  links.

Wireframes can be produced as simply as […]

6 Ways to Speed Up Your Website + Free HTML Editor

Couple of quick topics this post – another Free HTML editor (for those who haven’t found one they like yet – this might be it) and some quick tips for boosting your websites speed. If you haven’t heard – speed is now one of the indicators for ranking your website. And while speed is not […]

Protect Your Passwords

Can’t say what’s causing the problem, but there seems to be a rash of hacking going on lately.   Just last week we had a client’s email get hacked, and then another’s blog was hacked. In the case of the email, the client is handling it since it is a generic email account. The blog page […]