6 Links – Flipbook Software

If you like those websites that resemble magazines allowing you to flip through the pages, and if you have been thinking you might like to incorporate this technology into your own website.  . . . then flipbook software might be just what you’ve been looking for.    One  software – Flipb –  will  even convert your PDF files […]

3 Ways to Video Connect on the Internet for FREE

We’ve discussed Google Hangout as a way to connect with family, friends and business associates on the Internet.   Google Hangout is a video conferencing that allows you to invite multiple participants where everyone can interact at the same time. For more information on Google Hangout, visit this link.

However, there are other programs offering video communicating […]

20 Questions to Ask Yourself BEFORE Starting an Online Business

Starting a new online business is a commitment as well as an opportunity.  And, while most of us may be familiar with the nuances of starting a ‘brick-and-mortar- business, getting ready to go online with a new business venture offers different challenges.  This is especially true if it is totally new and not an extension of […]