dj  My name is David Moncrief and my wife – Jan – and I have been involved in Internet Marketing since 1997.    Over the years we have seen the Internet change from a more ‘static’ type presentation to the social world of today …. and it’s still evolving. 

Our goal is to present our knowledge of 10+  years so that you can benefit from our ‘road map’ – skip some of the learning curve and go directly into what you want to do – which is to have an Internet Business. 

Our first website Texas Antique Mall is still on line and growing every year.  We have expanded our interest in Texas to another website – This is Our Texas – for those visiting our great state.  There you’ll find information on Texas state parks, lakes, RV parks, events and much more.

Our blogs – Texas Toy Man and Joy of Country Living – share our interests outside of work.   A recent spin-off of my wife’s blog is I Can’t Believe It’s Sugar Free – a presentation of  ‘no sugar added’ recipes for diabetics and those on a restricted sugar diet.

We’ve also had many years experience in building websites – Moncrief Web Design – written weekly articles for newspapers with non-techy explanations on various computer topics, and have been studying search engine optimization for over 10 years.   Optimizing a site for the search engines has changed a lot over the last few years and there are a lot of do’s and don’ts.  We’ll share those with you as well.

Thank you for taking time to read who we are – we hope you’ll enjoy getting ‘The Power to Earn Money’!