6 Links – Flipbook Software

If you like those websites that resemble magazines allowing you to flip through the pages, and if you have been thinking you might like to incorporate this technology into your own website.  . . . then flipbook software might be just what you’ve been looking for.    One  software – Flipb –  will  even convert your PDF files […]

Using Wireframes + 7 Wireframe Links

Heard the term ‘wireframe’?  Not to worry – new word, old function.  It’s simply a sketched framework of a website used to best arrange the elements to accomplish a particular purpose.  It’s now gone ‘hi-tech’.  A wireframe is defined as a layout that should include the interface elements and the navigational system, i.e.,  links.

Wireframes can be produced as simply as […]

10 Steps to Improving your Website (SEO Stuff)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) requires a lot of time to research and implement.  Add to that the making of  your page  iPhone and  iPad friendly, plus maintaining a presence on all the social networks out there, you may not be up to speed with all the nuances of what it takes to maximize your business […]