Alley Code HTML Editor

Looking for a good FREE HTML Editor you can use to write . . .

Text (Use to write CGI and JAVA scripts)

Look no further than Alley Code.¬†¬† You’ll note in the image above that the tabs allow you to select the desired¬†application.¬†¬†Once selected,¬† the program will display the¬†appropriate features.

While this free program has some minor […]

Images: How to Get White or Image Backgrounds

In the past we’ve talked about one method to get catalog-like pictures with white backgrounds. However, if you want to put a different background or wallpaper behind the image – maybe your company logo – you can easily do this as well. Or use the same steps below as another way to get snow-white background […]

9 Ways to Get Organized



We spent last couple of weeks in December getting organized. Guess you might even say re-organized. If you have only one or two online sites you’re dealing with, staying organized isn’t too difficult. However, if you¬†are dealing with¬†multiple websites, blogs and stores, keeping records and information organized – while it can be overwhelming – is […]