Speed Test & How to Copy Files

Had a couple of situations last week that I want to pass along. Found some more information regarding rootkits and where they come from, and also got info on a couple of good websites for testing your computer’s ISP connection speed and bandwidth.  In addition, received a phone call from a friend looking for help […]

Save Your Money + Image Tip

There are products and services out there that are a good value for your money, and then there are those that seem to be a good value but aren’t. In my opinion, if you’re looking for software assistance after a virus problem – don’t purchase the AVG tech support.   While they do have a good virus program, […]

Caution Downloading

There are a lot of free open source programs on the Internet that are very helpful. However, should you decide to download one of these programs wanted to pass along a word of caution.

Had a neighbor call yesterday needing help. He was looking for a free zip program, specifically 7Zip which in itself is a […]