8 Steps for Closing an Internet Business

We’ve talked about setting up an Internet business – but not about closing one down. So let’s see what some of the basic steps are should you decide to close an Internet business. If you have been working with only one website, you will have more to do than if you have several websites that […]

Dell Update

Wanted to report that I was able to find information on the Net on how to install my HP printer program (previously used on a 32-bit Dell computer) into my 64-bit Dell – and get around the Administrator block at the same time.

By performing a search on Google, I was able to find a web […]

What’s Happened to Customer Support?

Well, I had intended to write about passwords this week – and in a way I am – but not like I had originally intended. After an hour plus ordeal on the phone with Dell – I hereby resolve NEVER to buy another Dell computer and will tell you why.

Let me start by saying that […]