Floating Images – Part II

We’ve seen how to use the align tag to make images ‘float’ to one side or the other of your page. We’ve also seen how the text will wrap around these images.  But what if you don’t want the text to wrap?

Since a floated image will affect all the elements that follow it, you will […]

How to Make Images Float

We’ve seen how an image can be placed in a specific area of a page by using tables. However, you can also include images by using the ‘align’ attribute to make images float along one side or other of the page. If you’re familiar with using Word Press, this ‘align’ process is much the same […]

More than Hosting – Host Gator

It’s encouraging to see companies moving forward, improving services, etc. and Host Gator – the hosting service we use and recommend – is no exception. For the non-Host Gator (HG) clients out there, thought you might find it interesting to read about some of the enhanced HG features and services we were notified of in […]