HTML: Internal Table Borders

In our last post, we covered designating external table borders, as well as how to set the cellpadding and cellspacing. In this post, we will cover how to control the displaying of the internal borders or rules as they are called.

You’ll remember that if you designate a border for your table, it will display between […]

HTML: External Table Borders

Using tables on a web page is a great way to separate information, presenting it in a more orderly format.

The standard table has a default space setting of one (1) for  cellpadding and two (2) for cellspacing.   This means your table’s cellpadding will have 1 pixel between the contents of a cell and its border  and for cellspacing there will […]

50 Helpful Websites for Designers

A couple of posts back we discussed getting started with building websites as a business. For those that have decided to move forward in that direction, we’re listing what we think will be a helpful tool . . . the Top 50 sites for web designers as listed by Website Magazine  in their May, 2011 […]