So You Want to Build Web Sites?

Aside from affiliate marketing, there are other ways to earn money on the Internet. One might decide to build websites or maybe specialize in search engine optimization for existing sites. These last two options will require you work directly with a client for which you’ll need to maintain a good line of communication. This can […]

Using Image Backgrounds: Transparent and White

Using transparent images on your web pages can often create a more interesting layout allowing the background to ‘shine’ through.

Graphics programs such as Photo Shop  or Paint Shop Pro  allow you to create transparent images that can be saved as either GIF or PNG files. Never as JPEGs.

Creating  a Transparency

Transparency in an image is created when […]

Tips from a Multi-Million $ Affiliate Marketer

Watched a webinar Tuesday night given by a multi-million dollar Internet marketer who was sharing his process of  ‘making it BIG on the Internet’.

I’ve watched a lot of these webinars over the years and have come to the conclusion that the really successful marketers all pretty much  follow the same blueprint.

It’s not a difficult program, but […]