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Website | Blog Maintenance

Have a website or blog?   Then, you’re probably doing so with a mind to making money now and in the future.

And, if that is true, you already know that in order to maintain traffic, search engine ranking and help build a list, you must keep the best maintenance schedule you possibly can.  […]

What Should You Do Now That Google’s Retiring PSAs ?

February 7, 2011 AdSense Blog:   It was announced that Google will be retiring their PSA program (Public Service Ad) in an effort to develop more effective opportunities for their non-profit partners.  The new program is Google Grants if you would like to read more.

For those that may not be familiar with PSAs, these were unpaid ads that […]

How to ‘Convert’ a Website Domain to a Blog

With Google seeming to favor blogs over websites with the focus being on good, unique content, you may be wishing your websites were blogs.

I had the same wish about some of my websites that were getting  less traffic than I would like, but before making major conversions to multiple websites decided to try ‘converting’ one website […]