15 Steps to Setting Up a Blog

Setting up a blog may seem a bit challengening for first time users.  However, based on the facts that…

 Google likes Blogs
 Google is going to be changing algorithms to target ‘content farming’ web sites. (Read more about this upcoming change at this link  )  . . .

I can say our future business direction will be concentrating on blogs.

Our New […]

Website Tips – Designing & Re-Designing

Hard to believe January is half gone. For those out there that have been thinking about having a website but maybe haven’t  gotten started for whatever reason and are still sitting on the fence  – we’ve put together a few thoughts to help you get going.

Whether your planning on building a new website or re-designing an […]

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

You’ll recall we covered ‘Getting Started with WordPress’ with regard to using a WordPress blog for personal vs. business purposes. The latest issue of Search Engine News  touts the power of blogs and why the search engines – Google in particular –  love them.

From the beginning, websites have been the primary means for businesses to […]