Verisign Price Increase

We’ll be taking off the rest of the year for vacation so this is going to probably be the shortest post we’ve ever done.

For those who currently have either .COM or .NET domain names, we wanted to let you know that on January 15, 2012 Verisign® will be increasing the prices for those two domain […]

7 End-of-Year Helpful Tips


When I see the year coming to an end, there are two business-related thoughts that enter my mind: taxes and starting a new business. Can’t do anything about taxes other than pay them – but starting a new business is another story. For those that have existing Internet businesses or are looking to start a […]

2 Time Savers When Working with Images

We’ve been putting a lot of time into building a cart on line and during the process have been using a couple of short-cuts that have really sped the process along – in addition to using the new LED Fancier 500 light  and the ‘curves’ function to get those white backgrounds. Even if you’re not […]