Microsoft Windows 7, Family Pack – LIMITED OFFER


Microsoft Windows 7,  FAMILY PACK
3 Licenses

Received this notice in an email today – just too good not to share.

Get your 3 License Family Pack  for  under $150.00 by visiting the link below. . .

Limited Time only! Get the Windows 7 Family Pack from The Microsoft Store! Only $149 for 3 licenses of Windows 7!

If […]

Using HTML Lists – Part 2

We’ve covered ordered and unordered lists, different standard markers, i.,e, ‘bullets’, and given you some helpful tips in Part 1 of Using HTML Lists.  Now we’re going to cover using custom markers and  creating definition lists.  

Custom Markers

If you want your own unique markers you can easily use your own image.   You should know that in […]

Using HTML Lists – Part 1

Not everyone likes or enjoys reading long, wordy paragraphs – but would rather quickly scan a list to get the same information.

So, if you’re looking for a way to streamline your pages, you may find presenting information on your website or blog in a list format may be the best way to keep readers happy and on […]