(X)HTML Symbols and Characters

There are times when you may want to include special symbols or characters in your HTML and XHTML pages without having to go through the hassle of creating a graphic image.

This might be as simple as putting a bullet before items in a list or nothing more than using ’empty space’ to hold a column open. […]

What is PHP?

When first released in 1995, PHP was the official acronym for ‘Personal Home Page’.  However, as it became more popular,  and as its capabilities grew, PHP more commonly came to mean PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor –  simply put, PHP is a language that handles data before it becomes HTML. You might say, PHP is an HTML embedded […]

3 Ways to Make Your Blog More Professional

Using  a standard Word Press blog  is a very easy way to get your business on line, let others know what your doing (and monetize it at the same time 🙂 ) or start am Internet business targeting a particular niche.   But did you know there are some changes you can make to your blog to […]