Color Tools

There are many elements to consider when building a website or blog. One of which is color. We live in a very visual world and color can be a real attention-grabber or it can be a real turn-off.

If you are one of the lucky ones that can ‘visualize’ and see how a page might look […]

10 Basic HTML Actions, Pt. 2

Continuing our discussion on basic HTML  with items ‘6 through 10′ of our ’10 Basic’ HTML actions –  what they do and what to call them should you want to look them up either online or in a reference book.   [Part 1 ]

6.  Want to have ‘scrolling’ text on the page without using JAVA?

You can use ‘Marquee’ tags to […]

10 Basic HTML Actions, Part 1

When first beginning to write and use HTML for building websites and in some cases setting-up WP blogs, there are things you may want to do but perhaps find it hard to look up because you don’t know the ‘correct’ name to use for searching.  However, knowing the name of the function (or action) so […]