Watch Out for these 2 Email Scams



Most people are honest – but there are those out there that have no qualms about trying to scam unsuspecting people out of their hard earned money. With that said, I want to caution you about two above-average ‘scam’ emails we received last week.

Domain Scam

The first was from a “property rights consultant mainly dealing with global […]

Clickbank Predators – Affiliate marketing in 18 easy clicks!


We probably get a hundred or so emails every week from people trying to sell us or get us to promote some program or the other.   Most most of the time  we delete and dismiss them.  However, once in a while – like the two aforementioned programs – a new program comes along that is innovative […]

How to Use Header Elements in (X)HTML

Header elements are those tags used on an XHTML or HTML  page that provide the bold, large font headings. Using header elements you can have up to six (6) levels of hierarchical headers. The tag for a header element would look like: – where the ” n ” would be replaced with a […]