Getting & Staying Organized

For those of you that have no problem with organizing – that’s great; but for those that may have trouble getting started with a program – or need a few ideas to make things easier – hopefully you’ll find these hints useful. These are some of the methods we’ve used over the years and have […]

Do Drop Down Menus Work With a Site Map?

Learned something about site maps while uploading our new website the other day – and want to pass it along. What I learned is in reference to the usefulness of an XML site maps and how the internal links are seen when generating a site map. 

If your website uses standard, traditional links, i.e.,  – […]

Internet Marketing Update

A few weeks back I mentioned I was starting a new program – Affilorama – that for me was a new approach to Internet Marketing. No hype – just good info with realistic expectations.

Well, I’ve just completed my first website using all of Mark’s recommendations and now will wait to see how it performs. If […]