3 Ways to Place AdSense in a Blog

You already know you can make money from having AdSense ads on your website and blog. And, while placing ads within a website page is pretty easy – just copy and paste the code – putting AdSense ads in a blog is a little different and some may even find it confusing.

Here are three ways […]

Making Money with Google’s AdSense

For those that may not be familiar with AdSense . . . AdSense is a program that pays you for displaying ‘targeted’ Google ads on your site. These ads can be customize to match the mood and feel of the site, or seamlessly blend into the site’s look. Success and activity can be tracked through […]

How to Perform a Screen Capture

You will find there are times you want to capture what’s displayed on your computer’s screen. Doing so can be useful in showing the steps to perform a procedure, capture an image you are unable to ‘save as’ or ‘save as target’ or just capturing something that you like.


Side note: Individual […]