6 HTML Table Templates

Before we get started with the table templates wanted to share the following with you . . . .

Caution :: Caution :: Caution

Had a phone call from an old acquaintannce last week. She was looking for help with her web page. It would seem that she ‘signed-up’ and paid for a program (Fortune Learning Systems) but […]

WordPress – Permalinks & Post Icons

Once you have your Word Press blog up and running you’ll want to change the Permalinks settings before you start posting. There are two reasons for doing this. (1) it makes it easier for the search engines to index and (2) it is easier for people to read.


“By default WordPress uses web URLs which have […]

Getting Started with WordPress

If you’ve wanted to have a blog – personal or business – the 9 steps below should help you to decide which WordPress platform to use as well as guide you through the process of setting up your blog.

Step 1 – Personal or Commercial

Before you begin, you need to decide how you plan to use […]