FTP – Using File Transfer Protocol

An FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program is used to upload or download files on the Internet. These files might be in a website, blog or public platform, i.e., Facebook or some of the other sites that allow you to share pictures, videos, etc. In most cases of ‘public’ venues or blogs, you will use an […]


Regardless of your level of knowledge in HTML – novice or master – knowing the differences between HTML and XHTML is beneficial.  Both languages are pretty much the same in that they are tag-based markup languages used to write web pages for viewing. And, while the differences are not monumental . . . they are there […]

6 Ways to Avoid Duplicate Content

What is Duplicate Content?

We typically think of duplicate content as being the exact same content used more than once within a website.  However, you should know that there are other sources of duplicate content to consider.

The three main sources of duplicate content that come to mind are:

Duplicate Web Pages – web pages that have the exact same […]