How to Write HTML Forms, Part 1

Using CGI is a good way to create order forms, opt-in’s or to collect information. Building a form in HTML is easy if you understand the different elements of a form and how you can use them to collect the information you want.

When building a form withing a traditional HTML page, you begin the form section […]

Akismet – What it is and how to use it

It seems everyone receives a mind-boggling amount of SPAM these days – and having a blog leaves you open to receiving even more. For your email account you set up filters to ‘sort’ through the messages you receive. For your blog you install Akismet to help filter unwanted SPAM comments.

Akismet is a Word Press plug-in […]

HTML Tables

Figure 1

Knowing how to build tables using HTML allows you to structure a page in a many different layouts. However, working with tables can be very confusing. Therefore, before you begin coding a page, you may find it helpful to use paper and pencil to layout the different elements of the page in relation […]